Carolina Business Equipment (CBE) Awarded as a "Top 10 Best Technology Solution Providers" for 2021

July 1st, 2021 by CBE

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Leading Technology Provider Wins Prestigious Recognition by CIO Review

COLUMBIA, SC - Carolina Business Equipment (CBE), a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the company has been awarded "Top 10 Best Technology Solution Provider for 2021" by CIO Review. The company is coming off a flurry of other awards, including "Top 10 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers" by CIO Review and a front page feature in "Industry Era" magazine, but this recognition was particularly well-earned and will be celebrated by the team at CBE. CIO Review is a technology magazine for C-suite executives, trade specialists, IT buyers, and different decision-makers to share their valuable insights concerning new technology trends within the market, and CBE is thrilled to have been recognized for their enduring commitment to excellence.

In an era where many business problems are merely technology inefficiencies in disguise, CBE has shown just how impactful a trusted MTSP can be for any organization that is looking to scale. "Technology exists to eliminate problems and to increase profits," stated John Eckstrom, President and CEO. He later commented, "We build systems that make things happen. Whether that means constructing workflows, writing scripts that automate cumbersome tasks, monitoring our customers' technology or ensuring that technical issues are swiftly remediated, we are focused solely on taking ownership of our customers' IT problems so they can redirect all of their time, energy and focus back into growing their business."

While gracious in acceptance, Eckstrom did consider the award more of a formal acknowledgment of a business philosophy that has remained constant throughout the company's history. "When clients bring us in as a technology advisor, they do not want to purchase technology. They want their problem solved so well that they never have to worry about it, again and technology just so happens to be an excellent means to accomplish that end. They want to have the tools necessary to help them accelerate their revenues to unprecedented levels. They want an IT partner who designs technology solutions that help them thrive," stated Eckstrom. Such a strong customer-centric focus is a clear indication of why CBE has been up for so many awards, lately.

CBE works with entrepreneurs and enterprises alike, serving virtually every sector, including companies who specialize in manufacturing, medical, legal, financial and many more. While they are very comfortable managing complex installations with hundreds of devices, spread across multiple-locations, their successes are likely due to their ability to still deliver the personal care which is typically an advantage of small businesses. CBE has hit its stride and we're excited to see how their continual curiosity for innovation leads to more efficient, more productive and more abundant businesses in our community.

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