Protect against Security Threats

August 19th, 2014 by John Morelock

Is You Business Fully Protected?

I would like to take a moment to discuss CBE’s protection against recent security threats including the Heartbleed vulnerability. As you may have heard, this vulnerability affects any webserver that used OpenSSL version 1.01a-f. This accounted for over 2/3 of the web servers in the world in Q2 of 2014. We are happy to report that CBE was not affected and that CBE IT customers were protected. Our integrated managed antivirus protects against and is not affected by this vulnerability.

CBE also patched our internal systems against this issue in April 2014 to insure we would not be affected. CBE’s internal systems which contain customer data were not affected by this or any other vulnerability. Due to the wide reach nature of the issue we recommend that everyone change their password on any other system where a password is used.

All CBE IT customers obtain the very best managed antivirus. CBE’s managed antivirus is updated as needed to protect all of our IT customers. Even the most minor malware infection can bring down an unprotected system. Know that CBE is aware of security issues and is proactively working to keep our customer data safe and to keep our customer’s customer data safe.

John Morelock
Mnanaged Network Services,
Columbia Business Equipment

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