Computer & Network Design

Networks were once seen as a luxury, but today, they're a necessity to the way we work. PCs, servers, network attached storage (NAS), printers, MFPs, backup devices, smart screens, BYODs, tablets, handheld devices, guest PCs, and even phones depend on networks to operate properly.

Over the years, network speeds have grown exponentially. The hardware used to handle networks has changed too, moving from simple hubs to switches, managed switches, Wi-Fi, and managed Wi-Fi. As networks become even more advanced, in-depth knowledge of components, network topology, and structure will be even more important to their efficient operation.

CBE maintains a knowledgeable staff of network engineers and talented IT professionals to address all of your networking needs. Our team will begin by assessing your current network and delivering the best recommendations for your site, whether a small office or a campus-wide enterprise. Contact CBE today for an in-depth consultation.

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