Antivirus, Backup & Cloud Services

Today's IT landscape is complex, and knowing how to leverage the new options it offers can be difficult. By providing managed antivirus and managed backup, CBE can help you protect your data as you navigate your business into the future.

Countless new viruses and malware are being created weekly, and often the old threats are modified and rolled out again. But off-the-shelf antivirus programs only provide partial protection. Managed antivirus ensures that your coverage is always up-to-date, and if a piece of malware makes it into one of your systems, CBE is there to clean up. CBE keeps our antivirus customers' systems current with important updates and patches, applied as often as needed to maximize security.

In addition to protecting your data from malware and your network from hackers, CBE also provides options to store information safely and securely at our top-quality backup facilities in the cloud. CBE's backup options allow you to quickly restore your important files, data, and even entire systems if they are compromised, lost, or damaged in any way. Our managed backup delivers file- and system-level protection, and if a total system failure occurs for any reason, CBE provides IT business continuity until the failure event is cleared.

Our cloud services include fully managed remote servers or safe repositories for data. CBE's expert IT professionals can tell you if cloud storage is right for you and help you implement the best solution for your team. Schedule your initial assessment by contacting CBE today.

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