Computer Hardware & Network Solutions

CBE provides great hardware solutions in addition to our IT services. There are a wide variety of brands and solutions and the available technologies are constantly changing. CBE uses its IT resources to stay on top of the best and latest trends. The total landscape of available PCS, Laptops, Servers, Storage options and Networking solutions is vast and can be overwhelming. Engage CBE's IT team to help find the right solution for your business. We listen to your wants, consider your needs and design solutions that can scale with your business.

While we can deliver any IT solution, we lead with such great brands as: Lenovo, Cisco, Toshiba, Dell, Microsoft, HP, and others.

Engage the CBE IT team to help design the best solution for your business.

Sample list of delivered projects:

  • PC, Laptop, Server and VM acquisition and upgrades
  • Deliver storage needs – NAS, JBOD, SAN, etc.
  • Network design, installation and upgrades
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Onsite and Remote Backup
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Cloud Server Solutions
  • Networked displays
  • And many more

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Fully Managed IT

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Proactive IT Services

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Managed Backup

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Managed Antivirus

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