Why Outsource I.T. To CBE?

June 24th, 2014 by John Morelock

Leverage Your I.T.

Why do companies like yours engage the CBE Technology team to outsource some or all of their IT?

  • Some are frustrated with their current IT support and are more interested in being up than waiting on a fix while being down.
  • Some just want to concentrate on their business not their IT.
  • Others are concerned with their current Back-up and Disaster Recovery options.
  • Many are confused with the best path to take full advantage of the Cloud.
  • We also have clients who are satisfied with their IT environments but turn to CBE to help implement growth and best of class IT security.

I am not sure if any of these situations apply to you or your environment, or if you have other issues that are affecting your ability to best leverage IT to support your business.

If 10 years of supporting IT and 40 years of established market leadership spurs your interest, it would make sense for us to have a brief conversation around your specific IT environment and explore how CBE may be able to assist you and your team?

John Morelock - CBE - Manager of IT Services

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